Corporate events – Studio sets

Known as a high experienced event DJ with a wide range of music, EF is distinguished by his professional handling and exclusive selection combining entertainment and art. His 20+ years of experience earned him the skills to read the crowd, find the right sound and control the energy during the set. For an unforgettable experience, you can book DJ EF with Niklas Müller trumpete where live music will be added to the performance taking the showcase to the next level.


Check out some of DJ EF’s tapes and follow him on Soundcloud and Mixcloud to stay up to date with the latest mixes and projects. The “The Good Old Days” mixtape series flashes back to DJ EF’s Hip Hop events in Berlin and take you on a journey from “Funk & Soul” all the way to “Hip Hop & RnB”. Discover the source of the greatest samples used in Hip Hop history and don’t forget “Good DJs play music you want to hear, DJ EF plays music you didn’t know you want to hear..” Peace.


Check out DJ EF‘s YouTube Chanel. Next to great videos and performances you’ll find interesting reviews of new DJ gears… In order to avoid Copyright issues EF sticked to shorter sets and mixes.